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SoC: V831
CPUs: Single-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor @ up to 800
Sensor Resolution: Supporting sensor from 0.3 to 5MP
On-chip Accelerators: DNN Accelerator
Neural Computing: 0.2 TOPS
On-chip Memory & Bandwidth: 32KB L1 instruction cache and 32KB L1 data cache
DRAM Support: 64MB DDR2
Video Codecs: H.264 BP/MP/HP up to 1080p 60 + VGA @60Hz
SoC Interfaces: 2-lane MIPI CSI input up to 1080p60 Audio - 20bit
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DAXPYCAM-B  Artificial intelligence Power-over-Ethernet board camera • Allwinner V831... more
Product information "DAXPY-B-IMX219"

DAXPYCAM-B Artificial intelligence Power-over-Ethernet board camera

• Allwinner V831
• Single-core Arm Cortex-A7 processor @ up to 800 MHz
• DNN accelerator: 0.2 TOPS
• Encoder H.264 BP/MP/HP up to 1080p60 + VGA @ 60Hz
• Encoder H.265 MP up to 1080p90 or 720p30 + 5M @ 30 fps
• Supporting sensors from 0.3 to 5MP
• Linux-4.9 SDK


DAXPY-B is a compact and power efficient camera designed for facing the new challenges in the competitive market of edge video processing.

It provides high resolution images - from 2 to 12 megapixels - supporting the first Intelligent Video Sensor by Sony, the IMX500. It can run low-latency neural network inference on the edge, and it is capable to run in low-power mode while providing rich information and metadata together with high-quality compressed video stream.